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4 Ways to Attract Talent in a Job-Seekers’ Market

Mar 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in Creating Your Dream Team 101, Top Talent, Hiring, Employer, Diversity

The war for talent has turned the recruitment process on its head. Employers who once were flooded with applicants now struggle to fill positions. It’s a job seeker’s market and many candidates are being more selective in their job search.

Therefore, companies must be strategic to successfully attract and hire the top talent needed to keep their businesses going and growing.

Here are four steps that can help boost your chances of success.

1. Review Your Job Description.

Does your job ad do a good job of representing you?

  • Rather than presenting a laundry list of necessary skills, outline only the essential requirements. Use the rest of the ad to give the candidate a more precise idea of what the role involves and how they will contribute to the organization.
  • Avoid jargon and language that suggests gender, cultural or other bias. (Read How to Write More Inclusive Job Advertisements.)
  • Include the wage range. Job seekers are tired of applying blindly for jobs that may not fit their financial expectations.
  • Advertise your company benefits in the job listing – especially if they’ve recently been updated.

2. Consider Your Compensation Package.

Speaking of benefits, take a hard look at your overall compensation. To win over talent, many companies have increased wages, offered signing bonuses and bumped up other benefits.

“Recognize that employees at various levels in the company are attracted to different benefits, so customize your strategies to match your needs,” says Rhythm Systems.

For instance, entry-level positions tend to draw younger candidates, who may find flexible work schedules or childcare options desirable. Mid-level employees might gravitate toward company culture or skill-building opportunities, while executives might appreciate benefits like stock ownership plans.

Can’t afford pricy benefits? Get creative. To offset inflation, some employers are choosing to reduce the number of hours worked, rather than increase pay, says Harvard Business Review. “Ultimately, we’re likely to see a handful of organizations adopt 32-hour workweeks with the same compensation as a new way to compete,” the publication noted.

Addressing employees’ desire for workplace flexibility, TPD recently experimented with offering a four-day workweek and would be happy to share their insights with you.

3. Create a Strong Corporate Culture.

Creating a strong and unique culture is one of the best ways to attract and keep talent. “People want to feel they belong and are valued at work, which is where unique company culture comes in,” says Inc. “The only way to create an authentic culture is to root it in a company’s mission, vision, and values and bring it to life through leadership.”

A strong culture can help you stand out among other companies and may even help overcome a gap in your compensation offer. Optimizing your corporate culture can be as simple as listening to your employees and giving them the tools and training they need to succeed and grow.

4. Offer Tuition Assistance and On-the-Job Training.

“People are hungry for a career with meaning and purpose rather than just a job where they punch the clock,” says Inc. By offering on-the-job training, tuition assistance and upskilling, you show that you are committed to retaining a quality workforce.

The war on talent isn’t expected to end any time soon. To attract the talent you need, you’ll need to offer candidates benefits they desire, demonstrate you have the culture and benefits they seek and can provide a career with growth potential in a company where they feel valued.


TPD’s Total Workforce Solution addresses all of your talent acquisition needs – including direct hire and contingent workers – and employment relationship management, reducing your costs and freeing you up to focus on business. Contact us today for your workforce solution!

Filed under Creating Your Dream Team 101, Top Talent, Hiring, Employer, Diversity

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