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Why Recruiters Should Think and Act Like Marketers | TPD.com

Why Recruiters Should Think and Act Like Marketers

Mar 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

in Expert Series, HR Trends

Why Recruiters Should Think and Act Like Marketers | TPD.com

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again—as the job market changes, recruiters are evolving into marketers. The fight for attention is at an all-time high with candidates being swayed by location flexibility, digital advancement, and a plethora of employment options that mark the economy. Recruiters must innovate and use marketing tactics to break through the noise.

Not only is marketing crucial for securing candidates, but it also reduces the cost of a bad hire. By using effective branding, a strong social media strategy, and creating a seamless online experience, you can demonstrate value to candidates, attract the right kind of applicants, and turn them into loyal employees.

Effective marketing also allows recruitment professionals to work smarter instead of harder. The threat of talent poaching by automated technology is very real, but by combining human connection with innovative marketing strategies, recruiters can continue to compete. It’s time to put your best marketing game-face on. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of top talent.

Build a strong employer brand

The digital world is 24/7 and so are the opportunities for online discovery. It’s critical to build and maintain a strong brand identity on all channels—from your company’s website and email list to all social media platforms. Deepen your brand by conveying workplace culture, existing staff, company values, and even the hiring process. Everything the company stands for has the potential to sell a prospective candidate on becoming an applicant. You want them to interact and engage with your brand over your competitors.

Use your personal network

As a recruiter, it’s important to build your own digital visibility through social media to connect with people in your personal network. Having a larger online presence will provide access to communities where potential candidates spend time, and allow you to engage with them in an authentic, powerful way. Start creating purposeful updates on social media and leverage your existing network to its full potential.

Why Recruiters Should Think and Act Like Marketers | TPD.com

Go where your audience is

Find talent by understanding your audience on a deeper level. What interests them? Where are they spending their time? Who are they already engaging with? Research and find out what social media platform or online medium candidates respond best to, and focus your marketing efforts to reach them. Also, use the data you already have on candidates to inform your decisions.

Remember to be agile

The digital landscape will continue to evolve along with jobseekers and the ways recruiters can reach them. Keep your marketing strategy fresh and innovative by watching the competition and looking to other industries. What are other companies, agencies, and brands doing to stand out? How are they communicating with their audience? Ask questions and test different strategies to stay ahead of the game. If you’re willing to think bigger than your direct competition, the advantage becomes yours.

Understand more about how to tell the world about your organization’s culture, values, and vision in a compelling and inspiring way with our guide to employer branding.

First impressions are everything. How many job applicants are researching your company?

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