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Understanding the Grey Wave: How to Support Older People Entering the Workforce

Jul 21, 2023 11:00:00 AM
By The TPD Team

in HR Trends, Hiring, Employer

As the North American population continues to age, a phenomenon known as the "grey wave" has emerged, referring to the increasing number of older workers retiring from the workforce. Various factors contribute to this trend, including pension regulations and expensive insurance rates. However, many older individuals still have a desire to remain active and contribute to society. Recognizing the potential of this untapped talent pool, TPD is actively working to support older people seeking employment opportunities. In this blog, we will delve into the "grey wave" phenomenon and explore how TPD is breaking down ageism biases to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.


The "Grey Wave" and its Causes: The "grey wave" describes the wave of older individuals leaving the workforce as they reach retirement age. One contributing factor is the pension system, where contributions are often capped at 65. As a result, some individuals may feel compelled to retire, despite their desire and ability to continue working. Additionally, the insurance rates for older individuals tend to be higher due to their placement in a higher age bracket, creating financial challenges for both employers and employees.


Shifting Work Culture to Accommodate Aging: To address the challenges faced by older workers, employers can play a crucial role in shifting work culture to accommodate the aging workforce. This includes implementing practices such as flexible working hours, providing opportunities for skill development, and ensuring fulfilling work experiences. By adopting age-inclusive policies and practices, organizations can tap into the vast expertise and experience that older workers bring to the table.


TPD's Commitment to Breaking Ageism Bias: TPD recognizes the value of older workers and actively works to break down ageism biases and discrimination in the hiring process. Here are some measures we are currently taking to support older individuals hoping to enter or re-enter the workforce:


  • Consistent Hiring Process: We ensure that all candidates, regardless of age, are evaluated based on their job skills and attitude towards work. By implementing a consistent hiring process, we foster fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates, eliminating age-related biases.
  • Inclusive Job Advertisements: We write inclusive job advertisements that attract candidates from a wide range of demographics. These advertisements focus on the skills and qualifications required for the role, rather than age-related criteria. This approach encourages older workers to apply and highlights the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.
  • Technology Tutorials: We understand that some older candidates may benefit from improving their computer skills to adapt to the evolving workplace. As part of their commitment to supporting older individuals, we offer technology tutorials to candidates who wish to enhance their computer literacy. These tutorials bridge the digital divide and empower older workers to succeed in the modern workforce.

Conclusion: Canada's "grey wave" poses both challenges and opportunities for employers and older workers alike. By embracing age-inclusive practices and policies, organizations can tap into the vast potential of older individuals seeking employment. Through a consistent hiring process, inclusive job advertisements, and technology tutorials, TPD demonstrates its commitment to breaking down ageism biases and creating a workforce that values and appreciates the contributions of older workers. As the "grey wave" continues to shape North America’s labor landscape, it is essential for organizations to recognize the skills, experience, and wisdom that older workers bring, fostering an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and mutual growth.

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