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4 Reasons Quality Job Candidates are Ghosting You

May 9, 2022 10:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in HR Trends, Top Talent, Employer, Workforce Solutions

Have job candidates mysteriously stood you up for an interview – or not shown for their first day of work? If so, you’ve been ghosted – and you’re not alone.

Surveys indicate candidate ghosting is a growing trend. Part of the reason is because candidates have more job options than ever.

“Employers will continue to experience 'ghosting' if they don't understand the new rules of the recruiting world,” says Stuart Heaven, Director of Workforce Operations at TPD.

Consider these four top reasons candidates might ghost a company.

Complex Hiring Process

Today’s candidates have no patience for lengthy application forms and a prolonged interview process. If your application exceeds 20 questions, many of your potential candidates won’t bother to complete it. Job seekers also are increasingly impatient with automated application systems that improperly import resume information. In addition, many believe cover letters are outdated and may opt-out of an application that requires one.

To encourage job seekers to complete your application, keep it simple and mobile-friendly and provide clear instructions. And consider waiving the cover letter.

‘Secret’ Salaries

Salary transparency is a big issue these days. If your company doesn’t provide a good faith salary range in a job ad, some candidates will simply move on to the next listing.

More than just a pet peeve among job hunters, salary transparency is beginning to fall under legislation. Businesses in several states face fines for failing to include a salary range in their posted job openings. A similar law that goes into effect next month in New York City will enable prospective employees to sue a non-disclosing company under the city’s Human Rights law.

Including a salary range provides candidates with the information they need to decide whether to pursue your open position and can provide you with a competitive edge.

Unrealistic Expectations

Candidates who feel they were misled by the job description just might drop out of the hiring process. How well does your job ad represent you? (See related article: 4 Ways to Attract Talent in a Job-Seekers’ Market)

“It’s important to be authentic in your advertising,” says Heaven. “Candidates will research your company before their interview. Reviews left by your current and past employees on job sites like Glassdoor and Indeed give them a framework for your corporate culture and how you treat employees. If how you represent your organization contradicts online reviews, you likely won’t hear about it – you just won’t hear back from candidates.

“We urge our clients to take steps to manage their employer brand on review sites and even provide a free guide to help businesses manage their brand on external review sites.”

Poor Recruitment Experience

During the hiring process, job seekers require clear and frequent communication, or they may search elsewhere.

“It's more important than ever for companies to be transparent, communicative and responsive to candidate needs,” says Heaven. “That means flexibility surrounding the candidate's availability for interviews, ensuring the full scope of benefits and total compensation package is provided upfront, and really taking time to understand the candidate's true motivations for finding their next career opportunity.”

Automated responses let candidates know their application has been received and help keep them informed through the hiring process. But a human touch is also necessary.

“Balancing candidate needs is a big ask for hiring managers,” says Heaven.

“TPD’s professional recruiters take the time to really understand the job seekers' needs, educate them on the market and employer expectations and follow up with consistent and transparent communication to build trust. From there, we make the hiring process as simple and engaging as possible to prevent candidate ghosting and help companies secure long-term quality talent.”


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