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3 Interview Questions to Determine a Candidate's Commitment | TPD.com

3 Interview Questions to Determine a Candidate's Commitment

Aug 27, 2013 5:38:14 AM

in Creating Your Dream Team 101

resign_smartlemmingDid you find the perfect candidate for a role with your organization and have them resign unexpectedly after a short period of time?

While you may initially blame the candidate, remember that people are unpredictable in nature. Even if you had established a great relationship with the candidate, and they seemed content in their role, the 'X-Factor', company culture, may not have been a fit.

There are a multiple tactics you can action to improve your hiring process and ensure that the candidate you decide to hire has the right skills and experience for the role.

Specifically, in the interviewing phase, you can dig to uncover red flags and inquire to confirm blue skies ahead. By posing questions and establishing conversation with shortlisted candidates, you can gain an understanding of the reasons for their interest in the role, expectations of the role, and long term career goals with your company. All this can be done through the art of asking relevant interview questions at the right time, to provide valuable insight.

Here are three questions you should ask to determine candidates' interest in the role and their likelihood to stay on board in the long run:

  1. Why are you interested in this role?

    Dig deep to find out exactly what would motivate them? Are they able to find meaning in their work? Do they love the industry? Or, are they struggling to give you a confident answer?

  1. Do you have any hesitations about this role or organization?

    This simply asks the candidate what would hold them back. Salary? Lack of potential to grow? A weakness in a skill area? You’ll pick up on whether or not the candidate is a good fit, and get an understanding of what his or her fears are.

  2. Where do you see yourself in three years?

    This will tell you whether they plan on sticking around. Find out what their short and long term goals are and determine if they are in line with your organization’s goals.

The interview process is invaluable to both the employer and candidate. Proper preparation and structuring of the interview phase to include a mix of interview questions can help you to walk away from the interview with greater certainty in your hiring decision. You’ll know whether the candidate is a fit, how likely they are to accept an offer, and how likely they are to stay on board with your team.

Asking the right questions can provide valuable insight into a candidate’s fit. If you found our questions and insights useful, download our Interview Guidebook below! 

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