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Winning the Talent War by Becoming an Employer of Choice

Nov 18, 2014 8:21:48 AM

in Creating Your Dream Team 101, HR Trends

In many industries and regions across North America, the battle for top talent is a tough one. It's imperative for companies that want the first pick at the best employees to distinguish themselves as employers of choice.

Companies that are able to attract and retain top talent have a competitive advantage. Being an employer of choice means that applicants are eager to work for you, your employees are envied, that you receive unsolicited resumes, and that your most talented workers stay with you throughout their career.

There’s no single answer for how to achieve status as an employer of choice, but here are some areas to evaluate in your company for opportunities to improve.

Employee Development and Leadership

The best companies to work for are constantly figuring out creative ways to develop and help their employees with their career paths to engage and retain top performers. They do this through executive coaching, professional development programs, and training for managers to facilitate employee growth.

Furthermore, leaders not only welcome, but seek out input and feedback from employees regarding the workplace, environment, and relevant business decisions. When employees feel invested in the company and important to the decision making process, they feel more engaged and respected.

Company Culture

Corporate culture is more than how a company is perceived by the outside world. While components like dress code, health and fitness perks, flex time, and on-site entertainment are all important, culture can be attributed to the deeper company values and way of operating.

“The core belief that "business is warfare" automatically creates war-like strategies and tactics. By contrast, the core belief that "business is an ecosystem" creates strategies and tactics that are, well, more "organic." As a result, companies with different cultures will approach the exact same business opportunity in very different ways.” - Geoffrey James, Contributing Editor for Inc.com

The way you choose to operate, and the core belief that drives your corporate culture, ultimately decides what kind of person will thrive in your workplace, and what their experience will be.

By creating an environment that supports and challenges employees to develop professionally while actively building a culture that attracts and retains the type of employees that will be successful in your team, your company can win the talent war by becoming an employer of choice.

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