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Why You Should Consider a Contract-to-Hire Position

Mar 28, 2022 9:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in Job Seeker, career advancement

Job seekers: Have you considered a contract-to-hire position? If you’re looking for flexibility, want to quickly gain new skills, or enter a different industry, a contract-to-hire role may be a good fit.

What is Contract-to-Hire and Why Do Some Employers Prefer It?

Also called temp-to-hire, this employment set-up means you will start as an employee of the staffing or contracting company, and later will transition directly onto the company’s payroll. Contrary to popular belief, most of the contract-to-hire roles TPD supports are not temporary! Some companies prefer this method of acquiring talent since the shorter recruitment and onboarding process provides them with a swift solution to fill positions.

As labor shortages continue to strain recruitment resources, many companies are increasing the number of contracted personnel. Around three million contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week, according to the American Staffing Association. American companies hire about 16 million contract employees each year, in sectors like office and administrative, industrial, engineering, scientific and information technology.

Why Consider Contract-to-Hire Work?

Contract-to-hire work can be a quick way to get your foot in the door of large organizations that otherwise have cumbersome hiring processes. During your contract period, you’ll have an opportunity to assess whether you’ll be happy with the job and work environment in the long term. Consider your placement as an extended job interview – one that comes with competitive pay, the opportunity to learn new skills and broaden your network.

What if you and the company end up deciding against a lengthier tenure? Short periods of employment on your resume may be a potential concern for future employers, however, when you can note that it was a contract role with a reputable staffing or contracting company it will be viewed much more favorably!

“Temporary positions can serve an important purpose on your resume, especially if they help to fill the time between two permanent positions,” says Indeed. They are a great answer to the question, “What have you been doing since leaving your last place of employment?”

TPD clients offering contract-to-hire roles generally have strong intentions to offer employment at the end of the contract. In fact, more than 70% of TPD’s contract-to-hire placements are hired permanently by the employer. Of contract-to-hire employees who don’t convert, the reason is nearly always that either the company or the employee decided it wasn’t a good long-term fit. That’s not much different than starting permanently and being on probation for the first three months.

Furthermore, TPD prides itself in offering contracted Field staff premium employment packages that are comparable to those a permanent employee would receive, including market-based wages, paid time off, health, dental, jury and bereavement leave. Upon conversion to permanent hire, the company may waive the benefits waiting period or honor the hours the staff worked on contract as part of the employment probationary period.


TPD is committed to helping people succeed. For further information about contract-to-hire opportunities, contact TPD, join the TPD Talent Community, find jobs and check out our free job seeker resources.

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