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Why Right NOW is the Right Time to Return to Work

Sep 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM
By The TPD Team

in Job Seeker, Job Search Quick Tips

Some companies can’t find reliable help. Others worry about record staff resignations – a so-called “Turnover Tsunami.” The U.S. has entered a candidate’s job market, making Fall 2021 the right time to get back to work.

Why Now is a Good Time to Look for a Job

  • Companies are desperate for workers
  • Hiring is on the rise
  • Active autumn hiring period
  • Expected record employee turnover

Wanted: Reliable Staff

With some workers still hesitant to re-enter the workforce due to the pandemic, companies in several industries are competing for qualified staff. Check the job boards and you’ll find employers offering sign-on bonuses, guaranteed no weekend hours or hybrid work opportunities to attract candidates.

Pandemic-induced hiring issues also have led employers to add incentives, both to entice new workers and to encourage their current, trained staff to stay on. If the trend continues, more workplaces soon may offer in-demand benefits like work-from-home options, parental leave and support for mental health.

Hiring on the Upswing

Throughout the summer, hiring in the U.S. has gained strength. Said The Cornerstone International Group, “for every company that can adjust and benefit economically from a dispersed workforce, there’s another, notably in manufacturing, which MUST restore a common workplace.”

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 10 million job openings at the end of June 2021. In July, U.S. firms added 943,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate dropped one-half point to 5.4%.

With companies willing to pay more and offer additional perks for top talent, and fewer people looking for work, current job seekers can potentially grab a position with better pay and benefits.

Fall is an Active Hiring Season

While January and February remain the most active hiring months, September and October come a close second.

In autumn, “hiring managers face less downtime and more availability for interviews and applicant screening,” said Top Resume. “During these months, everyone tends to be more refreshed and relaxed, making the entire process smoother and faster.”

Turnover Tsunami Continues

The pandemic left many employees restless or burned out, causing them to re-evaluate their lives and work situations.

“People have started thinking about what they’ve been doing and whether they want to continue on in the same job or career for the next five to 25 years,” according to Forbes. The result is that “American workers are quitting their jobs more than any other time in the past two decades.”

In fact, according to a study conducted earlier this year by Career Arc, “39% of companies believe at least one in five in their workforce are currently looking for new jobs at other companies.”

Jobs Now Available

As a record number of workers shift to greener pastures, companies must replace them with qualified candidates as soon as possible. That means your dream job might be available right now!


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