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Why Attending SEMICON West is Essential for Semiconductor Industry Professionals

Jul 9, 2024 4:21:19 PM
By The TPD Team

in TPD News, Semiconductor, Networking

SEMICON West is more than just a conference; it's a pivotal event that brings together the diverse global electronics supply chain to tackle the semiconductor ecosystem’s most pressing opportunities and challenges. This year, our team at TPD, a niche recruiting agency specializing in the semiconductor industry, will be attending the SEMICON West 2024 conference. We are excited to engage with industry leaders, gain insights, and explore innovations that will shape the future of technology. If you're attending, we would love to connect!

What is SEMICON West?

A Premier Industry Event

SEMICON West is an annual conference and exhibition that serves as a hub for the semiconductor industry. It brings together professionals, companies, and organizations from around the world to address key topics such as market intelligence, standards, sustainability, workforce development, and supply chain management. The event features outstanding programs and sessions that highlight the latest trends and innovations in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Highlights of SEMICON West

  • CEO Summit: Thought leaders and experts share their insights on industry trends and future directions.
  • 20 Under 30: Recognizing the rising stars in the semiconductor industry.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes: Exploring cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and techniques.
  • Best of West Award: Celebrating outstanding achievements and innovations.
  • Cybersecurity: Addressing the critical importance of cybersecurity in the semiconductor industry.
  • Data/AI: Future of Computing: Discussing the impact of data and artificial intelligence on computing.
  • EHS & Sustainability: Focusing on environmental health, safety, and sustainability initiatives.
  • FLEX Conference & Exhibition: Featuring programs, exhibits, poster sessions, and awards related to flexible electronics.
  • Heterogeneous Integration: Examining the integration of different semiconductor technologies.
  • Market Trends & Data: Providing market insights through symposiums and expert panels.
  • SEMI U: Offering pre-event workshops for professional development.
  • Smart Theaters: Covering topics in manufacturing, mobility, and MedTech.
  • TechTALKS: Technical talks on advanced manufacturing processes, materials, MEMS & sensors, and more.
  • Test Vision Symposium: Focused programs and poster sessions on test and measurement in the semiconductor industry.
  • Workforce Development: Programs and events aimed at developing the industry's workforce.

Networking Opportunities

SEMICON West also offers a variety of networking opportunities, including receptions, lounges, and private meeting rooms. Attendees can engage in informal meetings, recharge, and build valuable connections with industry peers.

Why Your Company Should Attend SEMICON West

Accelerate Innovation

By attending SEMICON West, your company can gain access to the latest technologies and innovations that are driving the semiconductor industry forward. The event provides a platform for discovering new products, solutions, and partners that can enhance your business operations.

Gain Market Insights

SEMICON West offers a wealth of market intelligence and data, helping your company stay informed about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. This knowledge is crucial for making strategic decisions and staying competitive in the fast-paced semiconductor market.

Enhance Workforce Development

The event features numerous programs focused on workforce development, including flash mentoring, interviews, and workshops. These initiatives can help your company attract, retain, and develop top talent, ensuring that you have the skilled workforce needed to drive future growth.

Network with Industry Leaders

SEMICON West provides unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders, experts, and peers. These connections can lead to new collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities that can propel your company forward.

Showcase Your Expertise

Participating in SEMICON West allows your company to showcase its expertise, products, and services to a global audience. This visibility can enhance your brand reputation and position your company as a leader in the semiconductor industry.

FAQ: Common Questions About SEMICON West

1. What is SEMICON West?

  • SEMICON West is an annual conference and exhibition that brings together the global semiconductor industry to address key topics such as market intelligence, standards, sustainability, and workforce development. It features a wide range of programs, sessions, and networking opportunities.

2. Who should attend SEMICON West?

  • SEMICON West is ideal for professionals and companies in the semiconductor industry, including those involved in manufacturing, supply chain management, research and development, and workforce development.

3. What are the benefits of attending SEMICON West?

  • Attending SEMICON West offers numerous benefits, including access to the latest industry innovations, market insights, workforce development programs, and valuable networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.

4. Is SEMICON West worth it for my company?

  • Yes, SEMICON West is highly valuable for companies looking to stay competitive in the semiconductor industry. The event provides access to cutting-edge technologies, market data, and networking opportunities that can drive business growth and innovation.

5. What kind of sessions and programs can I expect at SEMICON West?

  • SEMICON West features a wide range of sessions and programs, including the CEO Summit, 20 Under 30 recognition, advanced manufacturing processes, cybersecurity, data/AI discussions, sustainability initiatives, and much more. There are also numerous networking events and workshops.

6. How can my company prepare for SEMICON West?

  • To prepare for SEMICON West, your company should identify key sessions and programs to attend, set up meetings with potential partners and clients, and plan your participation in networking events. Additionally, ensure that your team is ready to showcase your products and services effectively.


SEMICON West is an essential event for professionals and companies in the semiconductor industry. By attending, your company can gain valuable insights, explore the latest innovations, enhance workforce development, and build strategic connections. At TPD, we are excited to participate in SEMICON West 2024 and look forward to engaging with industry leaders and contributing to the growth and success of the semiconductor ecosystem. 


If you're attending, we would love to connect! Please connect with our President, Paul Tournier, our VP of Operations, Stuart Heaven, and our service delivery team, Aaron Severson and Kaylee Comai, if you're attending SEMICON or are curious about workforce insights and industry trends.

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