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Sunshine, Sunscreen, and Vacation Scheduling… it’s Summertime!

Jun 12, 2012 9:55:59 AM

It’s that time again - Summer Solstice occurs on June 20th - and, as magical of a time as it is, it is a timely reminder of the pandemonium that summer vacation planning brings. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, allowing yourself some time away from your busy work schedule will benefit your company in countless ways. Upon returning from vacation, you are sure to be fresher, better rested, brighter-eyed, bushier-tailed, and ready to put your clear-headedness to work!

The challenge with summer 

While the advantages of taking vacation time are clear, for employers, vacation planning can be a headache. From scheduling conflicts with multiple employees requesting the same time off, to working around black-out dates and ensuring employees are utilizing their vacation allowances, numerous factors play a part in planning staff vacations. Whether you’ve got a wall full of post-it note reminders, a day planner filled up to every margin, multiple calendars for tracking, or an email request system, you’re setting yourself up for a summer vacation scheduling nightmare. Needless to say, most employers’ organizational methods could use a tune-up to keep up with the chaos.

Your staffing solution 

Don’t worry--we’ve got your back. Not only does TPD provide our clients with the most suitable temporary workers for vacation leave, we also offer clients an array of resources and tools for HR management. By listening to clients’ wants and needs over the last three decades, we have created a fool-proof method for tracking and organizing company-wide vacation schedules. We call this tool The Electronic Staff Planner… and, best of all, it’s available to you FREE of charge!

With the click of a button, you can accurately track, schedule and balance your employee’s paid vacation days, sick days, statutory holidays, bereavement leave, maternity leave, extended medical leave employee start/end dates, as well as departmental leave schedules, and vacation coverages. Fully customizable, The Electronic Staff Planner allows you to manage 200+ employees, designate unique vacation allowances, track entitlements based on the employee’s start date, and calculate balance of time-owed vs. time-used.

To receive your complimentary version of The Electronic Staff Planner, click below. Finally, you’ll be able to confidently say ‘Bon Voyage!’ to your employees--knowing you’ve got all your bases covered.

Access TPD's Electronic Staff Planner!

For more information about The Electronic Staff Planner, or to receive a quote for our services you can call us toll-free at 1-888-685-3530.


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