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TPD Spotlight: Isaac Maxfield, Manager of IT

Aug 31, 2020 3:56:56 PM

in TPD News

Isaac Maxfield started with TPD in 2012 after his second interview turned into an office tour and an introduction to the team. Starting as a Systems Administrator, Isaac was tasked with overhauling some of our systems. After just one year, Isaac proved himself an integral part of the TPD Team and was promoted to IT Manager. 


During his time with TPD, Isaac has been responsible for many of TPD’s major tech transformations, truly living up to our TPDIsaac TPD IT Manager core value of “Systems Enabled.” The software he has implemented has allowed us to work smarter and increase productivity. Isaac helped take us paperless, which streamlined our processes and helped reduce TPD’s carbon footprint.


Technological changes notwithstanding, Isaac says the biggest change he’s seen at TPD is a shift in the culture.


“Originally, our activity was monitored. Switching to a results-focused and data-driven mindset, the types of metrics we were recording made the focus about what you accomplish in a day as opposed to what you’re doing,” he says. “This shift came along with all the technological changes and the acceptance of remote work.”


He’s also happy about the change in work attire: “I used to have to wear a suit every day,” he recalls.


One of Isaac’s favorite things about working for TPD is the flexibility that allows everyone to have a healthy work-life balance.


“I was able to move out of the city and maintain my role,” he says. “We are trusted to get the job done.”


Isaac’s most notable projects include working to get the Galt Foundation systems-enabled through several projects. His proudest career accomplishment at TPD is happening right now: the transition of all employees to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“It was an easy transition for us to move home since everyone has a laptop and steady internet connection,” he says. “All of the technologies we’ve implemented over the years made this transition seamless for us to keep delivering to our clients.”


Isaac, your hard work and dedication to our systems-enabled approach made our transition to remote work so easy. Thank you!

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