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TPD Featured in Global Business Reports' Engineering & Mining Journal

Dec 31, 2013 4:00:04 AM

in TPD PR/News, HR Trends

GBR's Engineering and Mining Journal recently published a report on British Columbia's Mining Industry & Vancouver, the World's Mining Barometer.

The comprehensive report details the economic conditions and market dynamics that impact the engineering and mining industry across the globe. With a focus on Vancouver, BC, researchers spoke with industry experts including TPD CEO, Leslie Meingast.

Discussing the challenges mining companies are encountering - both increasing labor costs and the shortage of skilled labor - Meingast explains how companies like TPD can help expand employers' capabilities and capacity to continue doing business in the mining industry.

With large multinational companies, TPD focuses on solutions ranging from international workforce plans to leasing and payroll services. For small- and medium-sized organization, TPD can act as a company’s entire human resource department      Leslie Meingast, CEO

On the same note, TPD has rolled out a temporary workers program. The program, along with TPD's employee leasing service, has provided flexibility to mining companies, given that employers can decrease their liability by dealing with staffing companies instead of hiring their own full time staff. To help support workers, TPD provides a benefits benefits program.

Meingast explains:

This program includes healthcare, dental services and a myriad of benefits normally supplied by the employer.

To discover more about TPD's services, follow the link below:
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