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Tips to Attract More Gen Z Talent

Nov 8, 2021 10:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in HR Trends, Hiring, Employer

In the interest of developing a diverse workforce, companies must focus on a range of hiring factors, including age. Baby Boomers are retiring from their careers just as members of the newest Generation Z (born 1996 or later) begin theirs.

However, the youngest job seekers appear to have different work priorities than previous generations. When it comes to attracting Gen Z talent, companies may need to adjust their hiring strategies, bolster their benefits and advertise their values.

What Do They Want?

Numerous studies and surveys about Generation Z and their attitudes toward employment indicate members of this age group care about:

  • Job Stability
  • Career Growth
  • Finances
  • Location Flexibility
  • Technology
  • Diversity
  • Corporate Values

Secure, Not Stagnant

According to LinkedIn, “one recent survey of 1,000 Gen Zers found that the top career goal among this group is to work in a role where they feel stable and secure…. The same survey found that 69% would rather have a stable job than one they were truly passionate about.”

But stable doesn’t mean stagnant. Recognizing that occupational responsibilities change over time, they consider job growth and development vital to their future.

“As they see it,” says Sage, “the more they learn today, the more valuable they’ll be to employers in the future.”

Money Matters

Gen Z workers grew up during a time of significant economic upheaval. Many of them now face financial burdens like hefty student loan debt. Salary is important to them, but so are perks including 401k plans and student loan repayment programs.

“In a 2018 survey, 35% of Gen Z respondents said they plan to start saving for retirement in their 20s, and 12% (many of them teens) had already started, so perks like these can be smart recruiting tools,” says LinkedIn

Social Awareness

Generation Z has a strong social conscience. Corporate values play into their decision to work for a particular company as they look for employers who share their ideas.

“Some 83% of younger workers reported that they want to work for an organization where they can make a positive impact on the world,” according to Forbes.

This includes greater diversity in the workplace. “In fact, 63% said that an employer having a stance on political issues and a broad social purpose is most important to them,” according to Benefit News.

Adaptability and Flexibility

As the most technically adept group of workers, companies need to invest in technology and leverage their own tech skills to entice Gen Z workers. That includes content creation and engagement across social media platforms to reinforce your brand. It means reaching out to Gen Z where they are – be it Snapchat or text messages.

Given their tech skills and pandemic experiences, Gen Zers understand the viability of remote work. They will expect flexible work options, according to SHRM, and the ability to work wherever they are most comfortable.


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