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Repurposing Resources and Transferable Skills COVID19_Blog Featured

Repurposing Resources During COVID-19: Benefits of Transferable Skills

Apr 1, 2020 2:06:48 PM

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During times of major change, it is extremely important for organizations to think analytically and problem-solve quickly. These factors are especially important now, during a time when unprecedented changes relating to COVID-19, or Coronavirus, are unfolding across the nation and the globe.

With the right resources and skill set, organizations can help combat new challenges. Today, many companies and businesses employ individuals with an abundance of skills that can be transferred to varying situations and problems.

Read on to learn how this fresh perspective can help your organization keep staff employed and ultimately help the fight against COVID-19.

Why are Transferable Skills Important?

Transferable skills are defined as skills that you have learned throughout life that are relevant across all professions and workplaces, and can be transferred to new career paths or industries.

Since these skills have been acquired from various work experiences and life interactions, they allow individuals to steadily evolve and quickly adapt to changing work environments.

This is important during times of great change, such as now, as it gives organizations the ability to effectively and efficiently develop solutions without the costly need for additional support sometimes.

According to Forbes, “skills like leadership, communication and problem-solving are the bedrock of our collaboration-centric, knowledge worker-driven, digital economy.”

As we practice physical distancing and embark on a journey of virtual collaboration, it is critical for employers to fully utilize their employees’ skill sets to their maximum potential in an effort to keep operations running smoothly and to also help members of the frontline who are tirelessly working to fight COVID-19.

See Good, Do Good

Today, many companies are finding new and innovative ways to mobilize their workforce’s skills and repurpose their resources.

For instance, Dyson, a British company that is renowned for its high-tech vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, designed and developed a new air ventilator to help with the shortage of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company designed the ventilator in just ten days, and is slated to produce 10,000 ventilators to support the UK government and an additional 5,000 units to the international effort to tackle the health crisis.

Additionally, many distilleries and breweries worldwide, including Labatt Breweries of Canada and Vancouver-based Parallel 49 Brewing, are shifting their production from alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer, as healthcare workers report a shortage of this essential product. Some companies are even repurposing what would have been their beer cans and whiskey bottles to store and ship the sanitizer.

Every course of action, no matter how little, can make a large difference. The prospect of developing brand-new products can seem out of reach and daunting, but don’t forget that your organization can contribute in other ways as well, such as donating spare basic necessities to shelters or healthcare workers.

We’re in This Together

While updates on COVID-19 can sometimes be overwhelming, the innovative and inspiring stories on how companies are using the transferable skills of their workforce and repurposing resources act as a great reminder of the power of community.

If you require assistance in mobilizing your workforce to adapt to changing work environments, developing work strategies for continued operations, or finding temporary staffing during this time, feel free to get in touch with the experts at TPD. You can reach us here, through email at covid19support@tpd.com or by phone at 1.844.873.4745. For additional HR resources, visit our COVID-19 HR Support Centre.

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