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Recruiting Success Story | Katy in Vancouver, BC

Jul 9, 2014 1:24:27 AM

in Career Chat

Katy recently started a new position through TPD’s Recruiting Team in Vancouver, BC. Now, working in an Office Assistant role with one of TPD’s clients in the health technology industry, we’re excited to see how her career advances!

Congratulations, Katy! And welcome to the TPD Alumni Family!

LinkedinWas this your first experience working with a recruitment agency? If it was, how did you find the process? If it wasn’t, how did you find TPD different from other agencies?

This was not my first time working with an agency; I have extensive experience working with agencies in the UK and had in fact registered with a few in Downtown Vancouver in the prior months before contacting TPD. The enrollment across agencies is pretty standard so I think it is the people that stand out and make the experience. I found my contact at TPD to be very personable and approachable.

What has your experience with the TPD team been like?

I will be honest and say I did not hold high expectations joining yet another agency. I had joined a couple of more high profile agencies and not had any contact with them after first contact despite the promising enrollment and my 'touching base' emails. Yet literally within days of meeting my Talent Scout, I had my first job interview and was also put forward for my present position. I really felt like she was working hard on my behalf and listened to what I had to say in regards to what I was looking for. It was of great importance to me that my next career step met a certain criteria, I had very definite opinions on the company culture and environment I wished to work in. In all honesty I expected to have to compromise on some things, but I am happy to say that after a year of job searching I finally have a position that is everything and more than what I had been looking for. It is unbelievable to think that it all happened within a week of joining up with TPD!

How had your job search been going prior to your process with TPD?

I had been actively looking for twelve months prior to joining TPD whilst working full time. Having to work on my resume to make it just right for each job application was hard and very disheartening when you do not hear back, as I am sure every job searcher will agree!

Do you feel that the team at TPD helped to prepare you for success with your interview?

My Talent Scout gave me as much information as I needed to prepare for the interview and if I asked for more she would always get back to me. I am very big on communication and feel like this is a strong point with TPD, she was accessible and would always reply to my emails or call me back when needed. She would touch base before and after the interview and provide feedback as soon as she had it, which was always within an acceptable time frame. She was supportive and I felt like she was really working hard on my behalf.

What excites you the most about your new position?

The company dynamics were exactly what I was looking for; in fact if I could show you a wish list and compare it to my new role you could see why I am so excited and delighted with this opportunity. The word opportunity is very significant, TPD played a major part in something that has made a huge impact on my life and now it is up to me to make the most of it and hopefully I will make them proud.

What stood out the most for you during your hiring process?

It has to be the communication. Sometimes agencies will put you forward for roles that are not a good fit and try and sell them to you. In the long term this is not beneficial to any of the parties, and to me meeting all my criteria for the right job was my ultimate goal. Everything I communicated was listened to, and when I did go for my first interview I had an encouraging phone call from my Talent Scout prior to the meeting, and she had feedback from the interview available very soon after. The same happened for my second interview, she called me literally minutes after the interview ended with feedback and acted fast liaising with the company and myself to facilitate a second interview. When things look promising nerves start to set in and the wait can be agonizing, right? But she called me as soon as she knew anything and worked hard on my behalf negotiating my job offer, it all happened so fast but I felt like I was in capable hands and felt included, which to me was of the utmost importance.

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