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Recruiting Success Story | Ashley in Hamilton, ON

Aug 25, 2015 3:21:44 AM

in Career Chat

Ashley recently started a new position through TPD’s Recruiting Team in Hamilton, ON. She is currently working in a Service Representative role with one of TPD’s clients - we’re excited to see how her career advances!

Congratulations, Ashley! And welcome to the TPD Alumni Family!

Was this your first experience working with a recruitment agency? If it was, how did you find the process? If it wasn’t, how did you find TPD different from other agencies?

My professional background is in Human Resources. That being said, I have worked alongside many recruitment agencies in helping to me to fill open positions in past jobs. This was my first experience in working with an agency for my own personal interests. I had a lot of different sketchy organizations contact me for various sales positions and I knew they were not going to be the right fit. When I received the email from TPD something was different. Farinaz offered some information about the position and mentioned that she was not sure if it would be a great fit but wondered if I was interested in speaking with her about it anyway. I had nothing to lose so I emailed her back letting her know I was interested. She called me a couple days later and within 24 hours I was offered a position with a wonderful organization. Since this was my first experience working with an agency, I cannot really speak to how others operate but let me tell you, my experience with TPD was exceptional!!

What has your experience with the TPD team been like?

It was a crazy 24 hours of excitement! Right from the very first phone call, Farinaz was so personable and full of energy, in the most professional manner. Every phone call after, she remained super pumped up and was so encouraging. The passion she expressed was sincere in that she really did want me to be successful in this position. She was like my personal job seeking coach, wanting only the best for me and keeping my confidence high during the process.

How had your job search been going prior to your process with TPD?

The job search hadn't been going great and I was really starting to get down. I would spend 2 to 3 hours a day applying for positions! Honestly, it was exhausting! On top of that, I would rarely hear anything back from the hundreds of positions I had applied to. Something had to give.

Do you feel that the team at TPD helped to prepare you for success with your interview?

Big time! So the whole process for me was very fast. Farinaz contacted me around 10:30 am on Thursday morning, and we chatted about the position for about half an hour. An hour later, she called me back with good news that the company wanted to interview me that day at 3:00 pm! I was nervous and felt totally unprepared. Farinaz was very encouraging and totally pumped me up for the interview. She even offered for me to call her right before the interview to get "more pumped up." With her high energy, enthusiasm and confidence that I would do great and love this company, surprisingly I wasn't that nervous.

What excites you the most about your new position?

I am a Service Representative with an Insurance Brokerage company working within Employee Group Benefits. As mentioned, my background is in HR which is quite different from insurance. However, one of the most exciting parts of this position is that I get to help and guide other HR professionals with all of their employee benefit questions. For me, it is like being on the other side. Knowing what its like to have employees anxiously waiting for a response to questions surrounding their benefits motivates me to understand and learn the world of employee benefits.

What is your new work environment and culture like?

It is amazing! I am honestly so lucky! I have a great Manager. She is very personable and kind. She comes over and says hi to me every morning and asks how things are going with my workload every day. She encourages me to ask questions and makes sure things are going well. I really enjoy the team I am working with as well. Everyone is very willing to help out and answer any questions I may have. We are very team-oriented. The company culture is great too! Every employee seems to enjoy their position within the company. There is a health living group that employees can join that encourages healthy eating and group exercise at lunch. My first week I worked out with a member and felt very welcomed.

What stood out the most for you during your hiring process?

How quick the whole process was. I learned about the position on Thursday morning, had the interview that day, was offered the position on Friday and started on Monday morning. Also, how inspiring and truly happy Farinaz was for me when the good news came through that I had gotten the position. She was so supportive and excited during the whole process, even when though we had never met, I felt like she was a close friend every time we spoke.

If there's anything else you'd like to share about your experience, please feel free to share!

I am just so pleased with the whole process and how quick it was! I think Farinaz was amazed as well and I believe she mentioned that this was the fastest recruitment process she had ever done! Thank you for taking a chance and thinking "outside the box"! I am really enjoying this position and look forward to going to work every day.

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