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Is Your Recruitment Agency Partner a Great Place To Work?

Jun 21, 2023 1:06:18 PM
By The TPD Team

We are thrilled to announce that TPD has just been recertified as a Great Place to Work TM, a recognition that highlights our commitment to providing a positive and supportive work environment for our team members. 

We are honored to be recognized as a top employer and believe that this accolade highlights the quality of service that we can provide to our client partners.


As a recruitment service provider, we understand the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. By partnering with a recruitment service provider that is recognized as a top employer themselves, companies can benefit from the following:


  1. Access to top talent - Top employers attract top talent, and TPD is no exception. By working with us, our you can access a network of skilled professionals who have chosen to work with a company that prioritizes employee satisfaction.

  2. Improved employer brand - When you work with a recruitment provider that is recognized as a top employer, you are associating yourselves with a positive and reputable brand, and enhancing your own employer brand in the process.

  3. Guaranteed positive candidate experience - In addition to providing exceptional service to our clients, we also prioritize creating a positive candidate experience. At TPD, we believe that treating candidates with respect and transparency is critical to creating a positive candidate experience. Our recruiters take the time to understand the needs and goals of each candidate and provide clear and timely communication throughout the hiring process. We also provide feedback to candidates, even if they are not selected for a position, which can help them improve their job search in the future. Candidates who have a positive experience with our recruiters are more likely to accept job offers and stay with their new employer for the long term. This benefits our clients by reducing turnover and improving the overall quality of their workforce.

  4. Work with the best recruiters - Not only does our people-first approach help us attract the top recruiters in the industry, we understand that happy employees are productive employees, for TPD and our clients.  Being Great Place to WorkTM certified means that we’re an employer who creates an outstanding employee experience and an amazing workplace culture. This translates into reduced turnover meaning our clients benefit from experienced recruiters with proven track records and expertise. Our team's engagement translates into better candidate matches, faster hiring processes, and overall higher-quality service for our clients.


In conclusion, we are proud to have been recertified as a Great Place to WorkTM and believe that our continued recognition as a top employer can benefit our clients. By working with a recruitment service provider that is recognized as a top employer themselves, companies can access a pool of exceptional candidates, increase retention rates, improve cultural fit, and enhance their employer brand. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is committed to delivering exceptional service, we encourage you to reach out to us today!

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