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Is Quality Control the Right Career for You?

Jun 27, 2022 10:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in Career Chat, Job Seeker, career advancement

When we purchase a product, we expect certain things. We want our medications to contain a consistent dosage. We want our cereal to taste the same, box after box. We want our new car to meet specific safety requirements.

Manufacturers maintain safety and quality standards for virtually everything we use or consume thanks to workers tasked with quality control.

What is Quality Control?

Quality control technicians test samples of products during the manufacturing process to make sure they meet the required design specifications and quality standards. The type of testing involved depends on the product or industry. These tests determine whether products meet or exceed consumer standards, as well as any specific regulations designed to guarantee consistent product quality.

Do Quality Control Specialists Need Special Training?

Because a wide range of industries utilize quality control inspectors, the level of expertise needed for this position also varies. Trade schools and community colleges offer training programs. Many manufacturers will provide three to six months of additional on-the-job training. In addition, the American Society for Quality provides a path to certification for quality control careers in many industries.

What Other Skills are Helpful?

In addition to having the right background and training, quality control inspectors tend to exhibit certain character traits, notes TPD Workforce Coordinator Aaron Severson. These include high attention to detail and a natural talent for calculating figures and amounts such as proportions, volume and percentages. They generally have an aptitude for using certain measurement devices, like calipers and alignment gauges. Quality control workers might operate electronic inspection equipment or monitor computerized systems.

What Companies Hire Quality Control Technicians?

Almost any company that produces a product needs to conduct quality control. Some examples include the pharmaceutical industry, aeronautics, food production, vehicle manufacturing and the textile industry. Quality control positions could lead to management and engineering roles in the future.

Think Quality Control is the Right Job for You?


If you're ready to explore the possibilities of a career in quality control, browse our open roles today!

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