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Hiring New Graduates - Tips for Employers

May 22, 2014 1:49:21 AM

in Creating Your Dream Team 101

In the wake of graduation ceremonies across North America, ‘tis the season for the floodgates to lift and the wave of fresh new talent to enter the workforce. While it can be intimidating to sort through the mass of resumes that are submitted by new graduates, disregarding their applications can translate to missing out on fresh talent that could enhance your organization.

Nurture New Talent

When you identify promising talent, nurture it. With mentorship and goal setting, inexperienced talent with plenty of potential can grow into top performers for your team. When we skip the mentorship component with younger talent, we are expecting growth without goals, support, or role models for advancement.

Identify Growth Opportunities

The keys to success in business growth lie in development, opportunity, and innovation. What many companies often fail to see is that junior level positions are the perfect place to scout your future managers and leaders. Think of them as junior leaders that are getting a ground level view of your company so that when they have developed the skills and capacity to move into management, they already know your business and have likely already conceptualized some ideas on how to manage things more efficiently.

Leverage Available Funding

In some areas, there are government programs in place that provide monetary incentive for hiring young talent. You can view an available list of wage subsidy programs for all provinces across Canada here.

Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are in the talent business, and as such, have a trained eye for identifying promising talent in a crowd. From spotting individuals with great potential to sorting through the mass of resumes, a partner agency can make the process less stressful and time consuming. To alleviate the sourcing bottleneck, consider partnering with an agency like TPD to help recruit new graduates, or utilize RPO services to outsource part of the process.

To ensure that you hire the best fit and are consistent and fair when hiring, you need to develop a hiring process. To ensure you don't miss any key steps along the way, access TPD's free Employee Hiring Checklist below!
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