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Developing Workplace Wellness Initiatives

Jul 7, 2015 3:12:06 AM

in HR Trends

photo-1416425243776-b8fd4dc53f50Establishing a healthy, positive work environment not only benefits your employees, but it also positively impacts your company's bottom line.

Companies with a good workplace wellness plan experience reduced absenteeism, improved employee morale, and increased productivity.

Some of the initiatives you can implement to create a healthy in the workplace include:

Host Lunch & Learns

You can invite health workers and nutritionists into your workplace to provide your employees with information on how to manage their stress, improve their diet and increase their activity levels. These informative programs can significantly improve your employees’ health, as it provides them with both the tools they need to improve their overall wellbeing, as well as access to a variety of trained professionals.

Encourage Exercise

Create workplace challenges. There are many challenges that can be fun, effective and more importantly FREE! Workplace wellness challenges can increase your employees' engagement and motivation. Challenges can include walk or bike to work everyday for a month, stair climbing competitions, healthy eating initiatives, and daily gratitude challenges.

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Provide preventative care

Prevention is key - You can improve your employee's health by introducing preventive measures into your workplace such as: flu vaccination programs, creating a safe ergonomic work environment, quit smoking programs, and gym membership subsidiaries.

Provide healthy snacks

There are many cost-effective healthy snack delivery services that deliver fruit and healthy snacks directly to your office for a low monthly fee. These types of programs not only encourage your staff to avoid sugary alternatives but are also a great employee incentive that you can advertise when hiring new recruits.

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Provide mental health support

When employees are stressed, depressed or suffering from personal problems such as financial issues, addiction or grief their productivity and quality of work can greatly decrease. Encourage employees to be open and honest with their managers and inform them if they are having personal struggles, provide managers with the tools they need to effectively listen to their employees and guide them towards getting help, bring in health providers to educate your team about mental illness to remove any stigma and develop company policies that support recovery.

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