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The December Hiring Dilemma: The Early Employer Gets the Top Talent

Sep 8, 2015 8:20:24 AM

in Career Chat, Expert Series, HR Trends

Every December, we see employers split into two different groups. One group becomes more passive about making hiring decisions in December and defers it to the New Year. The other group of employers takes a more active stance in regards to their recruitment in December and become more decisive.

It’s an interesting phenomenon visible across all industries.

The active employers are often more experienced in finding and securing the best talent for their company. They know that in January, there is a frenzy of employers all deciding to hire from the same pool of candidates; making it more competitive. Whereas in December, because some hiring managers are inclined to hit the snooze button when it comes to scooping talent, the more vigilant employers have less competition.

Another interesting factor is that applicants who are currently employed have more flexibility in their hours around this time of year, meaning that they have more time to search for job openings and more time to attend interviews.

How can you capitalize on this as an employer?

  • Analyze your needs early and plan to hire in December
  • Don’t forget to check the various decision makers’ vacation schedule and plan around it
  • If major decision makers are away, at the very least start the hiring process in December

What to does this mean for you if you are looking for work?

  • Now is not the time to take a break from your job search - remember that smart employers are looking for you in December.
  • Keep in touch with your recruiter and other people in your professional network to let them know you are available to meet and interview.Download our FREE Growth Guide - Interview Strategies

As TPD’s North American Recruiting Services Manager, I have experienced the December/January phenomenon for over a decade and as a company, we have helped employers navigate it for over 34 years. Every December, the old adage that the early bird gets the worm is proven time and time again.


SepandZarrabisqSepand Zarrabi, CHRP is an HR Professional with a focus on Recruitment Solutions. He has been with TPD for over 11 years with his current role as the Manager, North America, Recruiting & Executive Search. To date, Sepand has been directly involved in over 1,300 successful recruitment assignments mainly in Western Canada and has interviewed over 3,600 applicants. In addition to his success in helping organizational leaders identify their needs and develop recruitment strategies, Sepand has also been solicited by post secondary institutions and professional associations to advise their students and members on HR and best business practices.

Filed under Career Chat, Expert Series, HR Trends

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