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Working with a Placement Agency for Your Job Search has Several Benefits

Nov 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in Career Chat, Job Seeker, Job Search Quick Tips

Looking for work can be a full-time job. Updating a resume, filling out lengthy application forms, networking with professional contacts, writing customized cover letters, following up on leads, researching prospective employers, preparing for interviews – there are so many details to manage. Yet, countless job-seekers plod through the process unassisted.

Common Misconceptions

Many hesitate to contact a staffing agency for placement, believing the agency will charge them or that doing so will represent a blot on their resume.

Nothing could be further from the truth, according to Elena Romero, CPHR, SHRM-SCP, Vice President of Growth & Customer Success at TPD.

"One of the biggest public misconceptions is that the candidate will have to pay the agency for services." That just isn't so, she says.

She also rejects the idea that a future long-term employer might see past temporary work as undesirable.

"In fact, working at a temporary assignment allows you to build up your skills and experience with one employer," Romero says, "reflecting career progression and stability."

Benefitting from their Expertise

Staffing agencies, also called recruitment or employment agencies, find qualified candidates for open positions for their employer clients. Agencies may fill both temporary and permanent positions and also may specialize in recruiting talent for particular industries.  

One benefit of working with a staffing service is that job-seekers can effectively expand their professional network, thanks to the agency's connections with a variety of employers. Also, professional recruiters know what positions are available and may provide candidates entry to jobs they wouldn't have been able to access on their own.

"When we submit a candidate for shortlist consideration," says Romero, "we don't just submit a resume. We also submit a detailed profile with our professional recommendation and a summary of what we believe to be their strengths for the position. This can help to better position a candidate and increase their chances of landing the job."

Additional Perks

Since they are paid by the employer only when the position is filled, it is in the agency's best interests to present the most qualified applicants. Vetting and prepping candidates is all part of the process.

"Prior to interviewing with a client company, we hold a one-on-one session with the candidate to ensure they are prepared and ready for their interview," says Romero. "From checking that they have the logistical details to answering any last-minute questions - we make sure they are feeling confident and excited to ace the interview."

While staffing agencies represent their employer clients, Romero realizes the importance of taking care of job candidates throughout the process.

"At TPD, we operate with a 'People First' mentality. We recognize that our candidates are critical stakeholders in our success. We put candidate and employee experience at the forefront of everything we do," she says.

"Because we truly value the candidate experience, we ask candidates for feedback all throughout the recruitment process with us. In this way, ensure that we are maintaining a positive experience and quickly responding to areas of concern. We are extremely proud of our 91% average candidate satisfaction rating."

Thanks to their industry insight and knowledge, recruiters can give job-searchers the boost they need to succeed.


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