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Bringing Temporary Workers Into Your Workplace: Tips for Success

Aug 16, 2012 6:45:53 AM

temp-300x213When crucial team members take time off from work, hiring temporary workers is a great option; especially during the summer months when many employees take vacation or when gaps in employment present themselves during times of turnover. Hiring a temporary employee when you’re recruiting for an internal position is a great way to make sure you have time to find the right employee, without making compromises.

Here are a few pointers on how to set your new colleague up for success and ensure you get the most out of their time with your organization.

  • Set out clear guidelines. Have a workspace prepared and make sure they have all the tools and references they will require to do their job properly. For example, leaving a copy of the company manual with the temporary employee will allow them to reference it if questions arise. Also, ensure they are familiar with who to report to and their managers’ communication preference (i.e. email, instant message, intercom, or face-to-face).
  • Brief them on corporate culture. Whether they are with you for days, weeks, or months, it’s important for temporary employees to understand how things function within your company. This will enable them to feel comfortable and confident to work within your expectations.
  • Communicate effectively with your staffing agent. Employment agencies provide employers a service. By providing agents with relevant and detailed information, they will be in the best position to tailor their service to your unique needs. Describe the job and its qualifications clearly and entrust the agent to take care of the leg work - assessing for skills and overall fit to ensure a great match. At TPD, temporary candidates undergo rigorous screening processes to ensure our clients receive highly capable staff that fit with their organization. Once placed, we also perform quality checks with our clients to assess Fieldstaff performance on the first and third day of employment, and weekly thereafter; providing you plenty of opportunities to give us feedback. This ensures that the performance of the Fieldstaff fulfills expectations and satisfies our client’s needs.
  • Don’t treat them like a ‘Temp’. Temporary workers thrive when they’re treated with the same expectations as a permanent hire. Many workers choose temporary employment to build on their skillset, gain experience, and exercise their versatility. So, allow them to take ownership of their role – they’ll learn quickly, be motivated to perform highly and contribute to your organization’s success.

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