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7 Tips for Working Some Summer Fun into Your Summer Work Schedule

Jun 13, 2022 10:00:00 AM
By Linda Trzyna

in Employee Retention, career advancement

Summer has arrived! But how can you enjoy those lazy hazy days when you're stuck in an office working from 9-5? Here are some suggestions for working some summer fun into your summer work schedule.

Use Your Vacation Time

A pre-pandemic survey found that about half of Americans use only half their vacation time. That means U.S. workers, who receive an annual average of ten days off, took just one week of vacation time last year. What's worse, one study found that 82% of Americans admit to working while on vacation.

Summer's too short not to make the most of it! For your mental health and for your family's sake, take a vacation. Even a stay-cation will help you decompress from work.

If possible, use time off strategically by planning it around a paid holiday. Take off Fridays during the summer or work a half-day.

Try to avoid overtime. The work will still be there, but summer fun will fade nearly as fast as your tan.

Wake Up Earlier

Get up earlier in the summer and enjoy a sultry summer sunrise with coffee on the patio. Go for an early morning walk or bike ride.

If flex time is an option at your company, start work earlier and get out earlier to make the most of those long summer evenings.

Rearrange Your Lunch Schedule

If you resent being stuck indoors all summer, make a point of getting outside every day.

  • Bring a folding chair and eat outdoors.
  • Or eat at your desk and spend your lunch hour in a local park. Bring a book to read or walk with a friend.
  • Organize a walking group with your co-workers.

Play a Game

Summer at the office doesn't have to be all work and no play. Enjoy a little social time.

  • Arrange a lunchtime cookout. Whether you cater a barbecue-themed meal, plan a potluck or grill burgers and dogs, you and your co-workers will enjoy the break.
  • A summer field trip to a nearby attraction makes a great team-building opportunity.
  • Get up from your desk and get active with a quick game of frisbee or cornhole in the company parking lot.
  • Make summer extra special with an afternoon ice cream social or Frozen Treat Friday. You'll be surprised how much a frosty treat makes co-workers smile!

Join a Professional Group

Professional networking groups often host special summer events like harbor cruises, pub crawls and outdoor mixers, Work it Daily notes. Expanding your professional network and exploring fun venues in your area is a win-win!

Make the Most of Your Weekend

If you just can't take time off, make the most of your weekends.

  • Plan a weekend trip to a destination that's within driving distance.
  • Explore your area! Tour a nearby winery or brewery, visit a museum or art gallery, meet friends for dinner at restaurants you've been meaning to try. Hike a new trail or check out different bike paths. Find a farmer's market and enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce and other edibles. Fresh bread! Honey!

Lighten Your Mood

Even if a beach getaway isn't in the cards, you can instill some tropical vibes into your day.

  • Toss the (water) bottle and make your own fruit-infused water for a refreshing summer sip.
  • When it's time to retreat under the headset, reset with a custom summer-themed playlist.
  • Decorate your desk with paper leis and tiki-themed décor from the local party store.
  • Plan more happy hours! When the day is done, enjoy a tropical cocktail or smoothie with friends.

Summer is short – don't waste a minute of the time available to you!


If you're ready to look for a new job that may offer you more flexibility this summer, browse our open opportunities today!

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